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Multiphoton Microscope

Instrumentation | Multiphoton imaging

Make and Model of the Equipment
Bergamo II by Thorlabs

Bergamo II is a multiphoton microscope. It has two optical scan paths that allow for 2-Photon (2P) microscopy with resonant mirrors and for 3P microscopy with galvonometer-mirrors. The microscope body allows rotation around the sample (-5 to +95 degrees). The signal collection module includes four simultaneous detection channels with thermoelectrically cooled GaAsP PMTs. The laser beam is delivered to the objective through periscopes that maintain laser alignment over the entire range of rotation. The microscope is controlled by ThorImage@LS software.

The microscope allows 2P imaging through galvo-resonant 8kHz primary scan path and 3P imaging through galvo-galvo secondary scan path, respectively. The objective is mounted on a piezo scanner that supports z-stack acquisition with resolution down to 1 nm with 600 um travel range and high frame rates are possible with ~25 ms dwell times.

Weill B50A


Type of research that was enhanced by its use
The microscope together with the laser excitation sources allows for high spatial and temporal resolution imaging deep into scattering tissues in mouse brain, adult zebra fish, and fly.