Three-Photon Adaptive Optics for Mouse Brain Imaging

Frontiers in Neuroscience

Blind demixing methods for recovering dense neuronal morphology from barcode imaging data

PLOS Computational Biology
Here we use simulations, based on densely-reconstructed electron microscopy microanatomy, with signal structure matched to real barcoding data, to quantify the feasibility of this procedure.

Of flies, mice and neural control of food intake: lessons to learn from both models

Current Opinion in Neurobiology
In this review, we discuss the recent literature on neural control of food intake behaviors in mice and flies with the view that these two model organisms complement one another in efforts to uncover conserved principles brains use to regulate energy metabolism and food ingestion.

On the relationship between predictive coding and backpropagation

This manuscript reviews and extends recent work on the mathematical relationship between predictive coding and backpropagation for training feedforward artificial neural networks on supervised learning tasks.