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Molecular Tools | Viral vectors

Reagent Type(s) (it can fall under multiple categories and subcategories)
Vectors for non-invasive gene delivery to the whole brain by systemic injections

Make and Model of the Equipment
AAV-PHP.eB that carries XFP or GCaMP, based on availability
AAV-PHP.eB that carries custom vectors by users, based on Neuronex bandwidth

Description of what it is used for
Circuit analysis tool: morphology, activity monitoring

Description of its capabilities
Non-invasive gene delivery to the whole brain by systemic injections

Location (Research Facility)
CLOVER at Caltech ( and Michigan Vector Core 

Link to a User Manual

Other relevant documents related to the equipment

Type of research that was enhanced by its use
This vector was also shown, in collaboration with Profs. Luo and Deisseroth to work for delivery of multicolor calcium indicators for imaging large cortical areas:
Allen WE, Kauvar IV, Chen MZ, Richman EB, Yang SJ, Chan K, Gradinaru V, Deverman BE, Luo L, Deisseroth K. Global representations of goal-directed behavior in distinct cell types of mouse neocortex. Neuron 2017 7;94(4):891-907.e6. PMID: 28521139