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Plasmid DNA for packaging AAV; Recombinant AAV (stereotypes 1-9, retro, PhP.eb, PhPs); primary antibodies to Brainbow FPs;

Description of what it is used for

Labeling Cre expressing cells stochastically in colors

Description of its capabilities

Allow labeling the fine neuronal structures of neighboring neurons with membrane targeted Brainbow FPs

Location (Research Facility) 

Plasmid DNA [Addgene]; AAVs [University of Michigan Vector Core]; Brainbow FP antibody [kerafast]

Link to a User Manual 

Roossien DH, Cai D; Methods in Molecular Biology 2017;1642:211-228

Type of research that was enhanced by its use 

Single and multiple neuron morphology reconstruction in densely labeled samples