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Carbon Fiber Array

Instrumentation | Recording

Instrument Type(s) (test)
Carbon fiber flex array having 16 recording channels.

Make and Model of the Equipment
Flex Array v3.

Description of what it is used for
Circuit analysis tool for electrophysiology and/or dopaminergic detection using fast scan cyclic voltammetry.

Description of its capabilities
The flex array utilizes subcellular carbon fibers for electrophysiological and/or dopaminergic recordings. The flex array senses either these two modalities by switching between headstages

Location (Research Facility)
Made in Chestek Lab at University of Michigan.

Link to a User Manual

Other relevant documents related to the equipment
Relevant FAQ can be found here

Type of research that was enhanced by its use
Dopamingeric and electrophysiology driven mapping for deep (<7mm) brain structures.