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Instrumentation | Recording/Stimulation

Instrument Type(s) (test)
μLED optoelectrode having 12 uLED and 32 recording channels

Make and Model of the Equipment

Description of what it is used for
Circuit analysis tool for local optogenetic stimulation and recording.

Description of its capabilities
Capable of 1nW/mm2 to 10 mW/mm2 optical irradiance. This is a 4 shank configuration where each implantable shank is 65um wide and 25um thick for little tissue damage.

Location (Research Facility)
Made in Yoon Lab at University of Michigan

Link to a User Manual

Other relevant documents related to the equipment
Driver information for this product can be found in the datasheet as well.

Type of research that was enhanced by its use
Optogenetic driven functional circuit mapping