Single-pixel fluorescent diffraction tomography

We introduce a method that enables optical diffraction tomography to be applied to imaging incoherent contrast mechanisms such as fluorescent emission. Our strategy mimics the coherent scattering process with two spatially coherent illumination beams.

Aequorea’s secrets revealed: New fluorescent proteins with unique properties for bioimaging and biosensing

Plos Biology
Using mRNA sequencing and de novo transcriptome assembly, we identified, cloned, and characterized 9 previously undiscovered fluorescent protein homologs from Aequorea victoria and a related Aequorea species, with most sequences highly divergent from A. victoria green fluorescent protein.

Diverse coactive neurons encode stimulus-driven and stimulus-independent variables

Journal of Neurophysiology
Both experimenter-controlled stimuli and stimulus-independent variables impact cortical neural activity. A major hurdle to understanding neural representation is distinguishing between qualitatively different causes of the fluctuating population activity.

Integrated dispersion compensated mode-locked quantum dot laser

Photonics Research
We present here, for the first time to our knowledge, a monolithc offset quantum dot integration platform that permits formation of a laser cavity utilizing both the robust quantum dot active region and the versatility of passive GaAs waveguide structures.

Multicolor three-photon fluorescence imaging with single-wavelength excitation deep in mouse brain

Science Advances
We report a new three-photon excitation scheme: excitation to a higher-energy electronic excited state, enabling multicolor three-photon fluorescence imaging with deep-tissue penetration in the living mouse brain using single-wavelength excitation.

Distributed and retinotopically asymmetric processing of coherent motion in mouse visual cortex

Nature Communications
We use widefield and 2-photon calcium imaging of transgenic mice to measure mesoscale and cellular responses to coherent motion.

Three-photon imaging of synthetic dyes in deep layers of the neocortex

Sci Rep
We report a strategy for visualized injection of a calcium dye, Oregon Green BAPTA-1 AM (OGB-1 AM), at 500-600 µm below the surface of the mouse visual cortex in vivo.

Improving laser standards for three-photon microscopy

We implemented state-of-the-art pulse measurements and developed new techniques for examining the performance of lasers used in three-photon microscopy. We then demonstrated how these techniques can be used to provide precise measurements of pulse shape, pulse energy and pulse-to-pulse variability.

Three-photon neuronal imaging in deep mouse brain

Three-photon microscopy has been increasingly adopted for probing neural activities beyond the typical two-photon imaging depth. In this review, we outline the unique properties that differentiate three-photon microscopy from two-photon microscopy for in vivo imaging in biological samples.