Graduate Student Researcher
University of California, Los Angeles
Adjunct Assistant Professor
University of California, Los Angeles
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of California, Los Angeles
Alexander Frolic Award for Excellence in Physics
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Undergraduate Scholar
Doctor of Philosophy
University of California, Los Angeles
Bachelor of Science
University of California, Los Angeles
High-speed volumetric imaging of neuronal activity in freely moving rodents
A shared neural ensemble links distinct contextual memories encoded close in time
Multifocal Fluorescence Microscope for Fast Optical Recordings of Neuronal Action Potentials
Multisensory control of multimodal behavior: do the legs know what the tongue is doing?
Multisensory control of hippocampal spatiotemporal selectivity.
Development of new photon-counting detectors for single-molecule fluorescence microscopy.
High-throughput single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy using parallel detection.

Daniel Aharoni's work focuses on bridging the gap between specialized tool design and the intricacies of modern neuroscience. By applying design methodologies from engineering and physics, my lab develops specialized neuroscience research devices with an emphasis on i) neural recording techniques for freely behaving animals and ii) open-source dissemination of new technology.