Professor of Neuroscience
College of Neuroscience & Medicine, Central Michigan University
Merrick Award for Outstanding Research, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
Postdoctoral Fellow
Max Planck Institute for Immunobiology Friedberg Germany
Free University Berlin
Free University Berlin
William E. Medendorp, Andreas Bjorefeldt, Emmanuel L. Crespo, Mansi Prakash, Akash Pal, Madison L. Waddell, Christopher I. Moore, Ute Hochgeschwender
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iScience 24 (2021)
Eric D. Petersen, Erik D. Sharkey, Akash Pal, Lateef O. Shafau, Jessica R. Zenchak, Alex J. Peña, Anu Aggarwal, Mansi Prakash, Ute Hochgeschwender
Restoring Function After Severe Spinal Cord Injury Through Bioluminescence-Driven Optogenetics
Manuel Gomez-Ramirez, Alexander I. More, Nina G. Friedman, Ute Hochgeschwender, Christopher I. Moore
The BioLuminescent-OptoGenetic in vivo Response to Coelenterazine is Proportional, Sensitive and Specific in Neocortex
Mansi Prakash, William E. Medendorp, Ute Hochgeschwender
Defining parameters of specificity for bioluminescent optogenetic activation of neurons using in vitro multi electrode arrays (MEA)
Journal of Neuroscience Research 98 (2018)
Jessica R. Zenchak, Brandon Palmateer, Nicolai Dorka, Tariq M. Brown, Lina‐Marie Wagner, William E. Medendorp, Eric D. Petersen, Mansi Prakash, Ute Hochgeschwender
Bioluminescence‐driven optogenetic activation of transplanted neural precursor cells improves motor deficits in a Parkinson's disease mouse model
Journal of Neuroscience Research 98 (2018)
Sung Young Park, Sang‐Ho Song, Brandon Palmateer, Akash Pal, Eric D. Petersen, Gabrielle P. Shall, Ryan M. Welchko, Keiji Ibata, Atsushi Miyawaki, George J. Augustine, Ute Hochgeschwender
Novel luciferase–opsin combinations for improved luminopsins
Journal of Neuroscience Research 98 (2017)
Jack K. Tung, Ken Berglund, Claire-Anne Gutekunst, Ute Hochgeschwender, Robert E. Gross
Bioluminescence imaging in live cells and animals
Neurophotonics 3 (2016)
Ken Berglund, Kara Clissold, Haofang E. Li, Lei Wen, Sung Young Park, Jan Gleixner, Marguerita E. Klein, Dongye Lu, Joseph W. Barter, Mark A. Rossi, George J. Augustine, Henry H. Yin, Ute Hochgeschwender
Luminopsins integrate opto- and chemogenetics by using physical and biological light sources for opsin activation
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (2016)
Ken Berglund, Jack K. Tung, Bryan Higashikubo, Robert E. Gross, Christopher I. Moore, Ute Hochgeschwender
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Ken Berglund, Elisabeth Birkner, George J. Augustine, Ute Hochgeschwender
Light-Emitting Channelrhodopsins for Combined Optogenetic and Chemical-Genetic Control of Neurons
PLoS ONE 8 (2013)