Abstract: Fluorescence microscopy is a powerful method for producing high fidelity images with high spatial resolution, particularly in the biological sciences. We recently introduced coherent holographic image reconstruction by phase transfer (CHIRPT), a single-pixel imaging method that significantly improves the depth of field in fluorescence microscopy and enables holographic refocusing of fluorescent light. Here we demonstrate that by installing a confocal slit conjugate to the illuminating light sheets used in CHIRPT, out-of-focus light is rejected, thus improving lateral spatial resolution and rejecting noise from out-of-focus fluorescent light. Confocal CHIRPT is demonstrated and fully modeled. Finally, we explore the use of beam shaping and point-spread-function engineering to enable holographic single-lens light-sheet microscopy with single-pixel detection.

Authors: Jeffrey J. Field, Jeff A. Squier, and Randy A. Bartels