Make and Model of the Equipment
Spirit 1030-70 pump laser and Non-collinear optical parametric amplifier by Spectra-Physics

The system includes non-linear optical amplifier (NOPA) pumped by a Spirit 1030-70 laser system. Spirit 1030-70 is a hybrid fiber-bulk amplification system Spirit-NOPA-VISIR is a two stage broadband hybrid optical parametric amplifier of white light continuum.

Spirit 1030-70 operates at 1030 nm wavelength and produced pulses shorter than 400 fs at 2 MHz repetition rate. The average power is 70 W. Pumped with Spirit 1030-70, NOPA-VISIR produces signal within 650-900 nm and idler within 1200-2500 nm spectral range, respectively. The uncompressed pulse is ~ 350 fs and the idler pulse can be compressed to less than a 100 fs. The average power at 1300 nm wavelength of operation is 3 W.

Weill B50A


Type of research that was enhanced by its use
This laser system with its high average power and repetition rate allows for fast 3P microscopy imaging deep into scattering tissues.