Krystal Literman holds up an ultraviolet LED flashlight that’s part of a “cold light” kit. In this module, students learn to differentiate between fluorescence, phosphorescence, and bioluminescence using fluorescent minerals, paint, and specimens like fluorescent lichen that are easy to spot with a UV light. Photo courtesy of Krystal Literman

As the world grapples with the SARS-COV2 Pandemic and most schools remain closed for the unforeseeable future, virtual learning has become a part of the new normal. 

Recently, the Bioluminescence Hub launched a virtual Junior Trainee Club — a program designed for 9-14-year-olds looking to learn STEM concepts and practice some scientific skills. 

The program is rich with resources on bioluminescence and offers modules that are a combination of educational videos and and hands-on activities, which range from growing bioluminescent fungi at home, imagining and inventing a glowing creature, or simply recording scientific observations. 

“The content introduces the captivating world of bioluminescence and how our researchers leverage this phenomenon to study the brain,” says Krystal Literman who is leading this effort. “Building a large and diverse bioluminescent community through our outreach is of paramount importance to our hub, and we felt that it was crucial to adapt our educational strategy to meet the current needs of students during these challenging times.” 

Learn more about the Club. 


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